About Us

Trade Factor Engineering is a leading Level 1 B-BBEE Company, offering turn-key engineering solutions for various industries including oil and gas, water and sanitation, food and beverage. Founded by industry experts, Trade Factor Engineering has become leaders in Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Piping (SMEIP) fields. Our dedicated team of skilled Estimators, Project Managers, Artisans, and Safety Officers ensure timely projects, within budget. Our workshop is fully equipped with the infrastructure for fabrication, welding, machining, and more, which enable us to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients.

By offering the best quality and exceeding our clients expectations, we continue to be a trusted partner for engineering across a variety of sectors.

Our Area of Expertise

We are a group of passionate engineering specialists who pursue excellence in every project we undertake.

Our Core Values

Service Excellence

  • We aim to continuously improve our services by delivering excellence and exceeding our clients expectations. We ensure we deliver projects with the best quality and a high level of professionalism.


  • Safety is our top priority. By taking proactive measures, training, and risk assessment, we are able to decrease the risk of accidents, injuries or incidents which may lead to harm, damage or legal liabilities.


  • Our success is dependent on the quality we put towards our work. By adapting to innovative methods, we are able to enhance the quality in our work to exceed customer satisfaction.


Our Projects

From the estimation of costs to the final phase of the project, we ensure transparency throughout the process whilst keeping the goal in mind. Maintaining a high level of quality reflects our commitment to continued success and growth.